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Fury Genetics LLC is a partnership formed to bring together over 100 years of combined experience in the selection, propagation, growing, and marketing of Mandevilla and other plants. The inception of this partnership was many years ago when, at a chance meeting, one of the partners showed a newly discovered Mandevilla seedling to another partner. Nobody had any idea where that first meeting would lead but the plant, which came to be known as Mandevilla Red Fury, was studied and evaluated through successive generations of propagation. It was determined that the plant bloomed earlier and was more disease resistant than other varieties on the market. A patent was applied for and granted. Fury Gentics LLC was formed to manage this patent and to go forward with other varieties.

We have extensive experience in conventional propagation and wholesale growing of these plants as well as tissue culture for the production of clean stock. This experience helps to assure you, the grower, that the plants offered by Fury Genetics are not only different from other offerings but are also better on certain attributes.

Fury Genetics provides experience to help you do a better job of both growing and marketing your plants. At the same time Fury Genetics will continue to seek out and select new and exciting plant offerings into the future.

It is important that all the ownership of Fury Genetics is American and all production and development of the plants is done here in the United States. It is not necessary to turn to off-shore production for your young plant needs.